Anirollz 3D Epoxy Sticker : Food Pose Travel Daily Life

SKU: 8809336431951
Anirollz have unusual, squishy bodies shaped like rolls. These uncont-roll-able animalz can't help but roll around everywhere they go. They also like to hide in everyday objects and food such as roll cake, burritos, and even bananas!
  • Meet Anirollz as stickers.
  • Size : W 3.75" x H 7.25"
  • This sticker contatins various Anirollz characters (Pandaroll, Kittiroll, Puppiroll, Bunniroll, Owlyroll, Foxiroll)
  • Decorate your journal, scrapbook, notebook, diary, phone case, laptop with this cute Anirollz stickers!