Anirollz x Tapatio 4" Plush Keychain

SKU: 810043600606
Careful! The new Anirollz x Tapatio collection might be too hot to handle🔥⁠
  • Anirollz have unusual, squishy bodies shaped like rolls. These uncont-roll-able animalz can't help but roll around everywhere they go. They also like to hide in everyday objects and food such as roll cake, burritos, bananas, and even cup hot sauce!
  • Size Approx. : 2.5" x 2.25" x 5.5"
  • Material : Polyester Fiber
  • Super cute, so squishy and soft.
  • As a gift for your children, they will love it.
  • Great for birthday, holiday, Christmas gift!
  • Great as ornaments.