PowerLine Highlighter Pen : 12 Color Set

SKU: 8809419814268
PowerLine Mild Fluorescent Color Marker Highlighter Pen : 12 Color Set
  • Quick-drying Smearguard ink prevents smears and smudges, even on inkjet printouts, newspaper print and handwritten notes
  • Javapen technology writes as long as a traditional pen-style highlighter
  • Bright, see-through colors make your highlighted text easy to read because of light, mild color, it is friendly to eyes
  • 4mm tip
  • Perfect for Coloring Books, doodling, comics illustration and much more
  • Pen Size Approx: H 5.5" X W 0.5"
  • Colors : Smokeblue, Mild Blue, Mild Green, Mild Khaki, Mild Yellow, Mild Gold, Mild orange, Mild Red, Mild Wine, Mild Pink, Mild Purple, Mild Gray