[Random] Hello Kitty 18pcs Assorted Stationery Set

SKU: 8809416258041

Hello Kitty Premium Stationery Set / Gift Set

Pink or Red will be sent randomly

Pencil (x5)
Highlighter (x1)
Pencil Case (x1)
Sharpening Mechanical Pencil (x1)
Sharpening Lead (x1)
Block Stackable Colored Pencil (x2)
15cm Ruler (x1)
Memo Pad (x1)
Pencil Sharpener (x1)
Eraser (x1)
Pencil Top (x3)

You will receive total 18pcs

Box measures approximately 15.75" x 9"

Great for Birthday / Holiday / Christmas gift

Best value for student, holidays, parties, Christmas gift and even birthday gifts