[9-in-1] Lazy Stars Stationery Set

SKU: 8809730783106-P
[9-in-1] Lazy Stars Cute Dino Unicorn Character Best Stationery Collection 9pcs Set
  • Set includes : 4 x B Lead Wooden Pencils, 1 x Cartridge Pencil, 1 x Secret Pen, 1 x Mini 4-Color Pen, 1 x Non-Sticky Memo Pad, 1 x Eraser
  • Write your name on the wooden pencils to prevent from losing them!
  • Use the Secret Pen to write secret messages! Write with Secret Pen and flash it with the blue light cap, your secret message will show!
  • Mini 4-Color Pen ink : Black, Blue, Red, Green
  • Packaging Approx. Size : W 8.5" x L 9.5" x H 0.75"
  • Great gift & back-to-school idea!