Dungeons & Dragon Ampersand Dice Lapel Pins Lanyard Box Set

SKU: 196179083170
Rubber charm, custom artwork on the strap, and two metal enamel lapel pins makes this Dungeons & Dragons Dice Ampersand Lanyard 2 Lapel Pins Novelty Box Gift Set a must-have for fans!
  • 1 x Standard polyester lanyard with a rubber charm
  • The neck breakaway and lower buckle release give you easy access to the clear ID sleeve and lobster clasp keychain.
  • 2 x Metal enamel lapel pins
  • Custom shaped paper box display
  • Dimensions: Lanyard - 22" / Dice Pin - 42 x 36mm / Dragon Hand Dice Pin - 50 x 42mm / Paper Box - 140 x 123mm
  • This piece of fan merchandise is officially licensed by Bioworld and 100% authentic, making it an excellent gift idea!