Moru Doll DIY Kit :Bunny

SKU: 8809873684711-B
Moru Doll DIY Package Kit Handmade make your own doll craft Keychain Keyring :Bunny

  • pink :Pink doll / Purple :Purple doll / Yellow :black doll / Blue :White doll
  • Mo-ru translated to wire doll is currently being enjoyed by many as a hobby with its’ fun making process and cute looks. It definitely adds a point to your bag or anywhere else you may choose to hang it!
  • Moru is a specially made hair wire made by weaving various hairs closely on thin wires. It can be easily transformed, and even if you are not good at knitting, you can easily make dolls
  • This package allows you to create a small and adorable Rabbit using a soft and fluffy yarn. Perfect for interior decoration, as a keychain, or as a delightful gift.
  • Make Mo-ru doll with family or friends on Easter day!
  • Kit included :1x moru yarn, 2x doll eyes, 1x triangle nose, 1x skirt, 2x hair clip, 1x ball keychain ,16x necklace beads
  • Package Approx. Size : W 4.75" x L 5.75 "