Mr Hobby. Airbrush System For Gundam Maker

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Bandai Gundam Mr Hobby Airbrush System For Gundam Maker

  • Set includes Gundam marker airbrush, special marker nib x3, air can (PS145) 1x, air hose PS straight x1, and air valve x1
  • The Gundam Marker Airbrush System! With this set, all you need to do is hook up one of your compatible Gundam Markers and a pressurized air can, and start airbrushing away.
  • To use, simply hook up your air can to the included air valve and hose, press down the tip of the Gundam Marker (sold separately) you want to use until the ink starts coming out. Then, attach the marker to the airbrush, line up the tip of the marker with the airbrush, loosen the valve on the air can, then press the button to start painting.
  • Gundam markers are not included
  • Features new English language instructions and warnings sticker. Tested and certified radiologically inert.
  • Great for use with Mr. Color/Hobby paints